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About us

We are a dedicated school to teaching the Iyengar Yoga method, as established by BKS Iyengar, Pune, India. It is a yoga practice that is based in asana (physical poses) and pranayama (breathe work).

The practice is a very broad subject but we are most commonly known for;

  • Emphasis and detail on alignment.
  • Use of props: Blocks, straps, chairs, bolsters, blankets, mats.
  • Specialist routines and practices for medical concerns.
  • Teaching of inverted poses, as the student progresses.
  • Pranayama, breathing practice (meditation).

The practice is a long term study, it takes along time to understand it fully and is hugely beneficial along the way.  The process of becoming a teacher of Iyengar yoga requires a lot on ongoing dedication and application.  The Teaching certificate is administered by the association Iyengar Yoga New Zealand (IYNZ).  All of our teachers are certified with many years of experience commit to ongoing study.

Our teachers are;

    • Matthew Smart     JI2   32 years experience
    • Michelle Brown     JI1  20 years experience
  • Annette Springer  Intro 2  15 years experience

Our regular timetable allows for all levels of ability and background.  We run our regular weekly timetable 48 weeks of the year and students attend at their level.  Most of our students attend classes once or twice a week with some more dedicated practitioners coming up to four times a week. No need to book for regular classes.

Some new students with concerns chose to have a individual Therapy Assessment prior to attending their first class.

Book with Matthew 021 791 250.

We also offer several Beginners Courses see our ‘Getting Started’ PDF or our general brochure.

Pre-booking strongly recommended. Contact us or book via website.

When Attending

  • Comfortable loose clothing. Bare feet. Changing rooms available.
  • Avoid eating for 2 hours before class.
  • Arrive early if possible (10 mins).
  • Inform your teacher of any injuries or medical conditions before class.
  • All equipment is provided.
  • Eftpos available - no Credit Card facility.




BKS Iyengar lived in India and passed away 20 August 2014 aged 95. His granddaughter Abhijata now heads the Institute in Pune, India with her uncle Prashant, honouring Mr Iyengars wishes that Iyengar yoga be a living method and continues to evolve.


Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hamilton

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