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Yoga Blocks

By: BKS Iyengar, On: September 26, 2017, Category: Yoga, Comment: no responses

Yoga blocks are a very versatile piece of equipment to help you with your yoga practice.  In these images it is used as a tool in standing poses, not to “prop up” the pose but to bring about an effect or to help the student connect to the pose better.

For example the hand to the block allows the practioner to create more space by pushing the fingers tips to the block and lifting the chest and rotating the trunk upward allowing correct alignment and a positive energy flow, rather than taking the weight of the hand into the block and lessening the space of the trunk and front of the body which negatively effects the energy of the pose..

With the front foot raised on the block to the wall it allows the top of the thigh bone to come into the hip socket correctly and encourages a healthy relationship between hips and legs.  This variation is often used in Remedial/Therapy classes for hip concerns and bone density issues. 




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